5 Best Interior Designers in Arkansas

Embarking on a quest to transform your space into a masterpiece of design and comfort can seem daunting. But fear not, because we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. Our team at HomeSpot HQ dedicated hundreds of hours to meticulously research and evaluate the vibrant world of interior design in Arkansas. We sifted through countless portfolios, analyzed client testimonials, and even consulted industry experts to bring you a curated list of the top 5 interior designers in the Natural State.

Our mission was simple: to identify those designers who not only possess an extraordinary flair for transforming spaces but also excel in customer satisfaction and service. Whether you’re dreaming of a cozy cottage vibe, a modern minimalist sanctuary, or anything in between, our findings are designed to guide you towards making an well-informed choice. So, sit back, relax, and let us introduce you to the crème de la crème of Arkansas’ interior design talent.

Lamb’s Interior Design

In our search for the top 5 interior designers in Arkansas, Lamb’s Interior Design firmly holds its place with its extraordinary service and unique design approach. Nestled in Little Rock, Arkansas, this family-owned enterprise shines through with over 50 years of experience in both residential and small commercial projects. Led by the dynamic duo of Retha Wyatt Lamb and her daughter Mara Lamb Malcolm, they have perfected the art of blending classic southern charm with modern elegance.

Website: https://www.lambsinteriordesign.com/

Distinctive Style

Lamb’s Interior Design is synonymous with a style that marries traditional with contemporary. Their projects showcase how classic pieces can seamlessly integrate with modern aesthetics to create spaces that are not just visually appealing but deeply personal. Their knack for incorporating personal items with sentimental value into their designs stands out, making each space feel truly lived-in and cherished.

Range of Services

They offer a comprehensive suite of services from space planning, color and surface selection to custom window treatments and fine art acquisition. This extensive range ensures that every aspect of your interior design needs is meticulously considered and executed with precision.

Customer Satisfaction

What really sets Lamb’s Interior Design apart is their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Their portfolio reflects their dedication to creating elegant, functional spaces tailored to the unique preferences of their clients. High praise from their clientele attests to their ability to deliver quality designs that resonate on a personal level.

Trustworthy Choice

For anyone in Arkansas looking to transform their space, Lamb’s Interior Design is a trustworthy choice. Their unique blend of southern charm and contemporary design, coupled with their impressive track record of satisfied clients, makes them a standout in the industry. With Lamb’s, you’re not just hiring an interior designer; you’re partnering with a team that understands the value of creating a space that feels like home. Contact them to experience a tailored design journey that exceeds expectations.

Beautifully Done ️

Beautifully Done Logo

After exploring Lamb’s Interior Design’s contributions to the Arkansas design scene, we turn our attention to Beautifully Done, a recipient of notable awards in the interior design industry. In our quest to present the five best interior designers in Arkansas, Beautifully Done stands out for several compelling reasons that we’ve meticulously analyzed for our readers.

Personalized Design Approach

Beautifully Done takes pride in their ability to deeply personalize each project. Unlike many, they offer a unique service of custom painting requests alongside comprehensive design consultations. This tailored approach ensures that no two homes look the same, and each space reflects the personality and needs of its occupants. They excel in making the renovation process both inspiring and manageable, clearly understanding the balance between inspiration and practicality.

Comprehensive Service Offerings

Their expertise isn’t limited to just one type of space. The team showcases a wide array of transformations in dining areas, entryways, living rooms, as well as bed and bath renovations. The detailed photo gallery available on their website speaks volumes of their versatility and skill in handling diverse design challenges. This broad expertise positions Beautifully Done as a versatile choice capable of meeting a wide range of client needs.

Ease of Booking and Communication

What also sets Beautifully Done apart is the ease of access and communication with their team. The option to book services online and the dual contact avenues—through both a dedicated design team and office phone numbers—highlight their commitment to accessibility and customer service. This removes potential barriers to engaging their services, making the initial steps of a design project as straightforward as possible for clients.

Customer Satisfaction and Confidence

The design team at Beautifully Done works tirelessly to ensure customer satisfaction, a goal that resonates through their promise to work for their clients’ interests. Their personalized approach, coupled with transparent and easy communication channels, builds a strong foundation of trust and confidence among clients. This client-centric mindset undoubtedly contributes to their award-winning status in the competitive field of interior design.

In comparison to others in the Arkansas interior design landscape, Beautifully Done’s personalized services, comprehensive design capabilities, user-friendly booking, and communication systems, as well as their dedication to customer satisfaction, set them apart as a top-tier option for home renovations and interior transformations.

Website: https://www.beautifullydone.design/

Shayla Copas Interiors

Following the insights on Lamb’s Interior Design and Beautifully Done, we now turn our attention to Shayla Copas Interiors, another standout in Arkansas’s rich landscape of interior design. Known for blending Southern charm with a sophisticated, glamorous twist, Shayla Copas Interiors has carved a unique niche in the design world. Their expertise spans across residential and commercial projects, showcasing an ability to tailor environments that precisely fit client needs while adding joy and comfort.

Website: https://shaylacopas.com/

Design Philosophy and Services

Shayla Copas and her team base their design philosophy on creating spaces that not only reflect a client’s personal style but also posses a distinctive, joyous flair. Offering a wide array of services, from full-scale residential to commercial design, they ensure that every project, big or small, is handled with creativity and precision. This adaptability makes them a go-to for projects of varying scales, including cozy homes and bustling commercial spots.

Unique Offerings

One aspect that sets Shayla Copas Interiors apart is their luxury travel design services. For those with wanderlust, Shayla Copas offers bespoke vacation design and curated group journeys, a service not commonly found in the interior design industry. Also, their foray into product design allows clients to incorporate Shayla’s signature style into their homes, adding an even more personal touch to their spaces.

Why Choose Shayla Copas Interiors?

Their award-winning aesthetic, combined with a dedicated, client-focused approach, makes Shayla Copas Interiors a top choice. Their clear communication, meticulous attention to detail, and the sheer joy they bring to every project set them apart. For those looking to create spaces filled with creativity, comfort, and a sense of well-loved life, Shayla Copas Interiors promises to deliver exactly that, making them a noteworthy selection for design projects in Arkansas.

Providence Design

Following the detailed insights into Lamb’s Interior Design, Beautifully Done, and Shayla Copas Interiors, we explore Providence Design, another key player in Arkansas’s vibrant interior design scene. Set in Little Rock, Providence Design garners attention for its perfect blend of creativity and functionality. Founders Mona Thompson and Talena Ray are praised for infusing a personal touch into each design project, making them particularly appealing to those who cherish a customized home environment.

Website: https://www.providenceltddesign.com/

Unique Approach to Design

At Providence Design, the approach is straightforward yet innovative. The founders and their team prioritize understanding the client’s vision and translating it into reality. This method has not only won them features in magazines but has also built a loyal clientele that values a hands-on and bespoke design experience. Their showroom, located at 2314 Cantrell Road, offers a glimpse into the world of possibilities with Providence Design. Open from Monday to Friday, 10 AM to 5 PM, it presents an opportunity for personal interaction and inspiration, a rare find in today’s digital world.

Customization and Client Involvement

Customization is the cornerstone of Providence Design’s philosophy. The team excels at adapting their design strategies to fit the unique tastes and requirements of each client, setting them apart from competitors. Clients have noted the exceptional ability of the team to bring personal preferences to life in a way that combines both elegance and practicality. Whether it’s a bold modern aesthetic or a more classical and understated look, Providence Design ensures the space not only reflects the client’s taste but also enhances their day-to-day living experience.

Performance and Accessibility

Providence Design stands out for its dedication to both performance and accessibility. With a proven track record highlighted by magazine features and positive client testimonials, the firm has established itself as a prominent figure in Arkansas’s interior design industry. They are easily reachable for consultations either through a visit to their tactile showroom or a phone call, making professional design services accessible to a wider audience.

Art of Design | Sha Davari

When considering the best interior designers in Arkansas, Art of Design, spearheaded by the talented Sha Davari, captures our attention for numerous reasons. Boasting over two decades of experience, Sha Davari has become synonymous with excellence in the realm of interior design. Their expertise is evident in their ability to assist clients in uncovering their unique style and adding tangible value to their homes.

One standout feature that sets Art of Design apart is their offer of complimentary design services for furniture projects. This client-focused approach ensures that each design concept is not only personalized but also financially accessible. Whether tackling a straightforward paint consultation or undertaking a full-scale remodel, the Art of Design team demonstrates a commendable range of capabilities.

Their prowess in design is not just about the aesthetics; it’s about storytelling. Sha Davari and team excel in creating spaces that reflect the client’s personal journey, turning homes into narratives of the occupants’ lives. This distinctive philosophy has earned them glowing testimonials, like that of Mary Catherine Paulus, who praised the transformative effect the team had on her home decor.

Also, the Art of Design showcases their carefully selected pieces and custom options in impressive showrooms located in Little Rock and Rogers, AR. These spaces serve as a testament to their dedication to quality and diversity in design preferences. Whether you’re in search of contemporary chic or traditional elegance, Sha Davari’s team is skilled in curating environments that not only meet, but often exceed, client expectations.

To conclude, amongst the competitive landscape of interior design in Arkansas, Art of Design stands out for their successful blend of experience, client-focused services, and an unmatched ability to tell a story through space. Their commitment to creating enjoyable, personalized environments makes them a top recommendation for those seeking to elevate their home’s interior.

Website: https://www.shadavari.com/

Research Methodology: How We Rank & Compare Interior Design Companies in Arkansas

When we set out to find and rank the best interior designers in Arkansas, we crafted a comprehensive methodology that ensures fairness and thoroughness. Our aim is to provide you with a list that not only reflects the quality of the companies listed but also helps you make an well-informed choice based on your specific needs. Here’s a closer look at how we do it.

Experience and Reputation

We start by examining each company’s length of service in the interior design industry. Companies like Art of Design, with over two decades of experience, score highly in our evaluation. We believe experience equates to a deeper understanding of design trends, challenges, and solutions. Also, we scour through client reviews and testimonials to gauge the company’s reputation. Positive feedback and repeat business are good indicators of reliability and quality service.

Range of Services

Next, we assess the range of services offered. Firms that provide a broad spectrum of design services, from consultation to project management and execution, stand out. We appreciate when a company like Art of Design offers complimentary design services for furniture projects, showcasing their commitment to customer satisfaction and versatility.

Design Philosophy

A clear and unique design philosophy is crucial. We look for companies that prioritize understanding the client’s vision and incorporating personal stories into their designs. This approach ensures truly customized spaces that reflect the client’s personality and journey. Interior designers that exhibit an ability to blend functionality with aesthetics, like Shayla Copas Interiors, rate highly on our list.

Portfolio Diversity

We review each firm’s portfolio to evaluate their adeptness in handling a variety of design styles. A diverse portfolio suggests the company’s flexibility and capability to cater to different tastes and spaces, making it a valuable choice for a wider audience.

Pricing and Value

Finally, we compare pricing and value. While interior design is indeed an investment, we look for transparency in billing and fairness in pricing. Companies that offer exceptional service without compromising on quality, providing good value for the money, receive our recommendation.

By following this meticulous research methodology, we ensure that our rankings are not only informative but also unbiased, helping you to choose the best interior designer in Arkansas that meets your unique needs.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Interior Designer in Arkansas

When it comes to creating personal and meaningful spaces in Arkansas, hiring a professional interior designer offers a range of benefits. These experts can transform your vision into reality while enhancing both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Let’s jump into why investing in a professional designer is worth considering.

Saves Time and Reduces Stress

We understand that our lives are busy, and dedicating time to design a space can be overwhelming. Professional interior designers streamline the process, handling everything from planning to execution. This saves you considerable time and reduces the stress of making decisions on space planning, purchasing materials, and coordinating with contractors.

Access to Exclusive Resources and Vendors

One significant advantage is the exclusive access designers have to resources and vendors not readily available to the public. This access allows for the creation of a unique and customized space that stands out. Whether it’s bespoke furniture, luxurious fabrics, or artisanal decor pieces, an interior designer can bring a level of distinctiveness to your project.

Maximizes Space and Enhances Functionality

Designers excel in optimizing space and improving functionality. They think creatively about the layout, ensuring each element serves a purpose while enhancing the overall flow of your home. By considering your lifestyle and needs, they can propose solutions that you may not have thought possible, making every square inch count.

Increases Home Value

Investing in professional interior design can also increase the value of your property. A well-designed and aesthetically pleasing home appeals more to potential buyers, should you decide to sell. This investment not only improves your daily living experience but can also offer a good return in the real estate market.

Tailored Design That Reflects Your Personality

Perhaps the most satisfying benefit is seeing a space that truly reflects your personality and style. Designers take the time to understand your tastes and integrate them into the design concept. This personalized approach ensures that the end result is not only beautiful but feels like it’s truly yours.


We’ve explored the crème de la crème of Arkansas’s interior design scene, showcasing firms that blend creativity with functionality. Our journey through the state’s top designers reveals the unparalleled benefits of professional interior design. From saving precious time to unlocking exclusive resources and enhancing your home’s value, the advantages are clear. Each firm we’ve highlighted offers a unique approach to transforming spaces into personalized sanctuaries. Whether you’re drawn to Lamb’s traditional elegance, Beautifully Done’s meticulous attention to detail, Shayla Copas’s luxurious flair, Providence Design’s timeless designs, or the Art of Design’s bespoke creations, there’s a designer ready to bring your vision to life. Trusting your space to Arkansas’s finest designers isn’t just an investment in your home—it’s a step towards living in an environment tailored to your lifestyle and aspirations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the leading interior design firms in Arkansas?

Lamb’s Interior Design, Beautifully Done, Shayla Copas Interiors, Providence Design, and Art of Design led by Sha Davari are among the leading interior design firms in Arkansas known for their exceptional services and client-focused approaches.

How were the interior design firms ranked?

The interior design firms were ranked based on a comprehensive research methodology considering factors such as experience, reputation, and pricing to ensure an unbiased and thorough evaluation.

What are the benefits of hiring a professional interior designer in Arkansas?

Hiring a professional interior designer in Arkansas offers numerous benefits including time savings, access to exclusive resources, optimized use of space, increased home value, and a personalized design that reflects the client’s personality and style.

How can an interior designer transform my home?

An interior designer can transform your home by enhancing both its functionality and aesthetic appeal. They do this by turning your vision into reality, reducing stress during the process, and maximizing the value of your property through professional design and space optimization.

Why is a personalized design important in interior design?

A personalized design is important because it ensures that the final space reflects the client’s personality, style preferences, and functional needs, making the home not only beautiful but also a true representation of the owner.

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