5 Best Electricians in New Hampshire

When you’re facing flickering lights or a tripped breaker, finding a reliable electrician isn’t just a convenience—it’s a necessity. That’s why we’ve put our heads together to light up your search with a list of the top five electricians in New Hampshire. Our team at HomeSpot HQ has dedicated hundreds of hours to meticulously research and vet local companies, ensuring you get access to the best service providers in the game.

Gagnon’s Electrical Services

Licensed Master Electrician NH, Gagnon ...

Gagnon’s Electrical Services stands out as a premier choice among the top electricians in New Hampshire. Their reputation for reliability and professionalism is built on years of consistently delivering high-quality electrical solutions to both residential and commercial clients.

Website: https://www.gagnonelectricservice.com/

Expertise and Services Offered

Gagnon’s boasts a team of highly skilled electricians proficient in handling a broad spectrum of electrical issues. They offer everything from basic wiring and lighting solutions to more complex services like whole-home generators and smart home installations. Particularly, their expertise in modern electrical technologies makes them a go-to for clients needing advanced setups.

Customer Service Experience

Feedback from Gagnon’s clients is overwhelmingly positive. Many emphasize the technicians’ punctuality and the respect they show for the customers’ property. Equally important, the clarity with which they explain complex electrical issues helps non-experts understand exactly what services are being performed, a valuable trait that fosters trust.

Pricing and Value

When it comes to pricing, Gagnon’s Electrical Services practices a clear, upfront pricing model. Clients appreciate knowing the costs involved before any work begins, which eliminates surprises and builds a transparent business-client relationship. Even though not being the cheapest option available, the value received from their expert services justifies the investment, according to customer testimonials.

Local Engagement

As a locally owned and operated business, Gagnon’s plays a pivotal role in community engagement. They have been involved in local development projects and often participate in community service, which underscores their commitment to the region beyond just doing business.

Performance and Reliability

Reliability is another hallmark of Gagnon’s. Emergency services are responsive, with quick turnaround times that are crucial during electrical emergencies. Their work is consistently top-notch, backed by warranties and follow-up support that ensure customers remain satisfied long after the initial job.

By choosing Gagnon’s Electrical Services, our readers are likely to experience proficient, customer-centric service that easily handles the complex needs of modern electrical systems.

Rockborn Electric

Rockborn Electric | electrician


Rockborn Electric is widely known in New Hampshire for its professionalism and expertise in handling a variety of electrical projects. They specialize in both residential and commercial electrical services and are celebrated for their meticulous attention to detail and commitment to safety.

Services Offered

The services at Rockborn Electric encompass a broad spectrum. They are proficient in standard electrical repairs, full house rewiring, panel upgrades, and installations of energy-efficient lighting systems. Their team is also skilled in integrating smart home technology and renewable energy solutions, catering to the growing demand for sustainable living.

Customer Satisfaction

Clients consistently report high satisfaction with Rockborn Electric’s services. They particularly highlight the team’s promptness and the cleanliness maintained throughout their projects. Reviews often commend the electricians for their ability to explain complex electrical issues in understandable terms, which enhances trust and clarity.

Community Engagement

Drawing parallels to Gagnon’s Electrical Services, Rockborn Electric also places great importance on community involvement. They participate in local events and offer free electrical safety workshops, demonstrating their commitment to community welfare beyond just business.

Expertise and Reliability

Rockborn Electric stands out for its rigorously trained professionals who stay updated on the latest electrical codes and technologies. Their reliability is evidenced by numerous positive testimonials and their swift response to emergency situations, ensuring minimal disruption to daily activities.

Value Proposition

When assessing value, Rockborn Electric matches their high-quality service with competitive pricing. They provide detailed, upfront quotes, avoiding any surprises in billing and emphasizing transparency. The broad range of services offered makes them a versatile choice suited to a wide array of electrical needs.

Website: https://www.rockbornelectric.com/

Gosselin Electric


Following the review of Rockborn Electric, we now turn our focus to Gosselin Electric, another prominent player in the New Hampshire electrician landscape. What sets Gosselin Electric apart is their specialization in emergency electrical services and advanced electrical troubleshooting. They shine in situations where quick, efficient solutions are paramount.

Website: https://gosselinelectricllc.com/

Services Offered

Gosselin Electric offers a comprehensive suite of services, but they are particularly noted for:

  • Emergency Services: Quick response times and effective solutions are critical, and Gosselin Electric excels here.
  • Electrical Troubleshooting: Identifying and resolving complex electrical issues is one of their standout skills.
  • Installation and Maintenance: From residential wiring to commercial electrical needs, they cover all bases effectively.

Customer Satisfaction

Clients regularly commend Gosselin Electric for the promptness and professionalism of their service. Reviews often highlight the courteous nature of the technicians and their ability to explain technical issues in understandable terms, which enhances customer trust and satisfaction.

Comparison With Others

Unlike Rockborn Electric, which focuses broadly on integration of smart home technology, Gosselin Electric prioritizes emergency services and troubleshooting. This focus makes them particularly reliable in urgent or complex situations, catering to a slightly different customer base within the same region.

Pricing & Accessibility

Their pricing structure is competitive, reflecting the quality and speed of their work. Though not the cheapest option available, their fees align well with their expertise and speed of service, ensuring that customers find great value in their offerings.

Gosselin Electric demonstrates a robust commitment to offering immediate, effective electrical solutions. This focus on emergency services and troubleshooting, combined with a high level of professionalism, allows Gosselin Electric to meet specific customer needs efficiently and effectively.

Cornerstone Services

Cornerstone Services

When evaluating Cornerstone Services, we find a robust option for those seeking reliability and comprehensive electrical expertise in New Hampshire. Distinguished for their intricate knowledge of commercial and residential electrical systems, Cornerstone Services stands out with a noteworthy track record of effective project management and customer service.

Website: https://www.cornerstoneservicesne.com/

Service Offerings

Cornerstone Services offers a wide range of electrical services that cater to both homes and businesses. Their portfolio includes:

  • Electrical installations
  • System upgrades
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Safety inspections

Quality and Reliability

The quality of work provided by Cornerstone Services is consistently high, reflecting their commitment to excellence. Customers often commend the professionalism of the technicians, whose punctuality and attention to detail ensure that projects are completed efficiently and correctly.

Pricing and Value

Pricing at Cornerstone Services is competitive within the New Hampshire market. They provide detailed estimates that help clients understand the cost benefits of their services. It’s clear that the company balances cost-effective solutions with high-quality service to maintain customer satisfaction.

Customer Feedback

Feedback from clients highlights the company’s ability to handle complex installations and repairs with meticulous attention. Positive reviews often mention the team’s friendliness and willingness to explain technical issues in easy-to-understand terms.

Comparison to Market

Compared to other major players like Gosselin Electric and Rockborn Electric, Cornerstone Services excels in delivering personalized service and fostering customer relationships. They are particularly recognized for their adaptability in both planning and executing specialized electrical projects tailored to specific customer needs.

Summarizing, our evaluation places Cornerstone Services as a top contender for electrical services in New Hampshire, combining thorough industry knowledge with a client-centered approach. Their dedication to maintaining both quality of service and customer relations firmly establishes them as a reliable choice for any electrical needs.

MC Electric

MC Electric

Building on our review of New Hampshire’s top electricians, we next explore MC Electric, known for their precision and reliability in both residential and commercial projects. MC Electric has built a notable reputation through meticulous attention to detail and exceptional customer service.

Website: https://mcelectricnh.com/

Services Offered

MC Electric specializes in a variety of electrical services. These include complete wiring solutions, emergency repairs, and routine maintenance. They are particularly adept at handling complex electrical installations and ensuring compliance with all local electrical codes, making them a safe choice for any project.

Performance and Reliability

Clients consistently praise MC Electric for their timely completion of projects and the professionalism of their technicians. Their ability to handle unexpected challenges during projects without significant delays is a testament to their expertise and preparedness.

Customer Satisfaction

Feedback highlights that MC Electric excels in responsiveness. Customers appreciate the quick turnaround times for service calls and the straightforward communication from the company. Clients feel well-informed throughout the duration of their projects, which boosts overall satisfaction.


Compared to other electrical service providers in the region, MC Electric maintains competitive pricing. They offer clear, upfront quotations and often tailor services to meet budget requirements without compromising on quality.

  • Service Range: Extensive and adaptable to both small and large scale projects.
  • Expertise: High compliance with safety standards.
  • Customer Interaction: Excellent communicative relationships.

In our comparison with others like Cornerstone Services, MC Electric holds a strong position because of their specific focus on client communication and flexibility. This dedication makes them a reliable choice for anyone in need of experienced electricians in New Hampshire.

How We Ranked The Best Electricians in New Hampshire

When we set out to rank the best electricians in New Hampshire, we developed a detailed criteria to assess each company thoroughly. Here’s how we did it:

Expertise and Experience

We started by evaluating the level of expertise and experience each company has. This involved reviewing their certifications, years in business, and scope of specialty services. Companies like Gagnon’s Electrical Services and Gosselin Electric, with extensive experience, scored high in our rankings.

Customer Feedback

Customer reviews are telling. We analyzed feedback from various platforms, paying close attention to comments on reliability, professionalism, and the ability to handle complex issues. Cornerstone Services, known for excellent customer service, received positive mentions for their effective communication and project management skills.

Services Offered

Diversity in services can be a significant advantage. We looked at the range of services each company provides, from residential wiring to commercial and industrial electrical solutions. MC Electric, offering a broad spectrum of electrical services, ranked well here for their versatility.

Local Reputation

Reputation in the local community is crucial. We gathered input from local business networks and community feedback to understand how each company is perceived locally. Those with strong community ties and positive local feedback received higher scores.

Responsiveness and Reliability

Reliability is non-negotiable. We assessed how quickly each company responds to inquiries and service requests. Also, we considered their consistency in completing projects on time. Companies that demonstrated prompt responsiveness and dependability, like Rockborn Electric, were ranked favorably.

Pricing and Value

Finally, we compared the pricing relative to the quality of service provided. We sought to determine which companies offer transparent pricing and which ones provide the best value for money. MC Electric was noted for their competitive pricing and excellent value, balancing cost with quality service.

Through this comprehensive ranking method, we ensured that our list of the best electricians in New Hampshire is based on a balance of these crucial factors, aiming to guide you reliably in choosing top-notch electrical expertise for your needs.

Reasons To Hire a Professional Electrical Contractor in New Hampshire

Hiring a professional electrical contractor in New Hampshire is crucial for several compelling reasons. First, the complexity of modern electrical systems requires specialized knowledge. Professional contractors, like those we’ve discussed including Gagnon’s Electrical Services and Rockborn Electric, possess the expertise needed to install, repair, and maintain these systems safely and efficiently.


Electrical work is inherently dangerous. Professionals are trained to handle these hazards appropriately, minimizing the risk of accidents and ensuring your property’s safety. Companies like MC Electric are known for their precision and adherence to safety protocols, which is vital in avoiding electrical fires or injuries.

Quality of Work

The quality of work performed by certified electricians is generally higher than DIY attempts. Proven reliability in companies such as Gosselin Electric and Cornerstone Services reflects their commitment to high-quality installation and maintenance services. They ensure that electrical systems are not only functional but also comply with local electrical codes and standards.

Time and Cost Efficiency

Professional electricians can save you time and money in the long run. They diagnose problems quickly and accurately, which reduces the duration and cost of repairs. Efficiency in project management and customer service, as demonstrated by Cornerstone Services, highlights the potential savings in time and resources.

Long-term Reliability

Choosing a professional like those at Rockborn Electric means less frequent issues and longer-lasting results. Their expertise helps in designing systems that require minimal maintenance and are less likely to fail, ensuring reliability and peace of mind.

Local Experience

Local experience, as offered by all our featured contractors, is indispensable. These professionals understand New Hampshire’s specific regulatory environment and common issues faced in the area, making their service particularly relevant and tailored to residents’ needs.

In choosing a professional electrical contractor, you’re not just paying for immediate repairs; you’re investing in the long-term safety and efficiency of your electrical systems.


Choosing the right electrician in New Hampshire is crucial for ensuring safety and quality in your electrical projects. Whether you need installation maintenance or repair services our top picks offer unparalleled expertise and reliability. Each of these professionals brings something unique to the table from Gagnon’s commitment to professionalism to MC Electric’s meticulous attention to detail. Trusting your electrical needs to one of these top-rated electricians means investing in peace of mind and long-term satisfaction. So go ahead and make an well-informed choice for your next electrical project—we’re confident you’ll experience the excellence and safety you deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the top electricians in New Hampshire?

The top electricians according to recent evaluations are Gagnon’s Electrical Services, Rockborn Electric, Gosselin Electric, and newer standout, Cornerstone Services. These providers are recognized for their reliability, professionalism, and comprehensive service offerings.

What makes Cornerstone Services stand out among electricians in New Hampshire?

Cornerstone Services is particularly noted for their excellence in managing both commercial and residential projects. They emphasize superior project management and customer service, making them a preferred choice for comprehensive electrical needs.

Why is it recommended to hire a professional electrical contractor in New Hampshire?

Hiring a professional electrical contractor in New Hampshire is crucial for several reasons. Safety is the foremost concern as incorrect installations can pose serious risks. Professionals ensure the electrical work is up to code, efficient, and reliably installed, saving time, reducing costs, and providing long-term safety and efficiency.

How can professional electricians in New Hampshire ensure long-term safety and efficiency?

Professional electricians ensure long-term safety and efficiency by adhering strictly to local codes and standards. Their expertise allows them to competently handle modern electrical systems, ensuring they are installed and maintained correctly, which not only mitigates immediate hazards but also ensures the system’s longevity and efficiency.

What are the key benefits of hiring recognized electrical contractors like MC Electric?

MC Electric and similar recognized contractors are known for their precision and reliability. They provide high-quality service that accounts for meticulous detail, ensuring every installation or repair enhances the overall functionality and safety of electrical systems in residential and commercial settings.

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